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Vigilance Comittee (or VCU) is the synthesis of a long-running series of campaign settings for Villains and Vigilantes, which focuses in whole or in part around the San Francisco Bay Area. Because of certain incompatable storylines, the greater Metaverse is broken up into a number of alternate continuities which often refer to the same characters, but with a slightly different sequence of events. Nearly all campaigns begin at a starting point known as Metaverse-Prime, which is the main continuity point. Metaverse-Prime is occasionally redacted in order to take the flow of previous campaigns into account, often back-dating events to a previous decade so as to mantain continuity without cluttering up the area with too many characters and events all happening around the same time. Some campaigns can not be effectively integrated, however, and remain outside of prime continuity.

Previous campaigns in the VCU include:

The Devil’s Own

Guardian and Vanguard

Antara’s War

To Claim the Stars

Headhunter Society

The Kingdoms of Eld

Bitter Harvest

Battleship Tiamat

Vigilance Comittee

Sovereign State


Other outside campaigns have heavily influenced the VCU setting, including Mark Harrison’s “Power of the Crusaders” setting, and the short-lived Marvel Heroes campaign “City of Deviants”.

Main Page

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