Things are going to hell. Again. It seems like, every few decades, things just go from bad to worse, and the system rots from the inside out. Here in San Francisco, we don’t take that sort of thing lying down. The Vigilance Comittee has existed since the City was founded. Concerned citizens like you and me working together to solve the problems that the authorities can’t – or won’t – deal with. Graft, corruption, extortion, drugs, gangs, you name it.

Back in the old days, we existed out in the open. Once, we were even declaired to be in open rebellion against the federal government. They ordered the army to come in and reclaim the city – only problem was, most of the soldiers stationed here were members of the vigilance comittee. It was never our intention to rebell. Hell, we gave the city back to the mayor a year later, after we’d cleaned up the streets and made it safe to walk home at night. That’s where we get our motto from. It used to be, there was a big iron bell hung from the roof of Fort Gunnybags, which was our headquarters back then. Whenever there was some emergency, or some crime had been comitted, someone would run up and ring the bell, to summon all the members of the Vigilance Comittee. Half the city would arrive, back then. After they disbanded the Comittee, a tourist came to town, years later, and asked a shopkeeper, “Whatever happened to the Vigilance Comittee?” Standing tall and proud, the shopkeeper replied, “Toll the bell, sir, and you shall see”.

Since then, almost like clockwork, the Vigilance Comittee reforms every ten or twenty years. Each generation has some new problem to cope with, that requires operating in the grey area that stands within the intent of the law, but outside of its letter. We are the guardians of liberty, and the defenders of our community. We don’t allow one man to stand alone against the night. we stand with him, and we stand proud.

Now, the gangs are running rampant once again. The police haven’t got enough manpower to keep up, and corruption is spreading like a stain through the halls of power. Once again, to those that have ears to hear it, the bell is beginning to toll. Can you stand by, and let another man stand alone, or will you stand up as well?

Vigilance Comittee